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My sculpture studio is open on the Third Sunday of each month over the summer months. Visit the studios of accomplished artists across  many genres!! Follow the signs in Helensville. All within a 2K radius.

My studio takes you on a behing the scenes insight into the lost wax process for glass and bronze casting.

Head for Helensville and follow the signs for the Open studios. Free Entry. All studios have maps and info. 

December 17th 2023. January 21st 2024. February 18th. 

Phar Lap - Life sized bronze. Timaru, New Zealand

From Concept…..

Drawing by Barbara Lewis

To Creation…..

Miniatures… Monuments….

Work in Progress:  Over lifesized bronze of  Air Chief Marshal “Sir Keith Park - Defender of London WW11”. The completed sculpture will stand at the Sir Keith Park Memorial, Thames Airfield, Coromandel, NZ. This is the birthplace of Sir Keith.

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Joanne Sullivan Sculptor. local bronze & Phar Lap. Public Sculptures. Elected Signature Member of the American Academy of Equine Art. Commissions accepted.

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